Drive In A Box

Save time, reduce risk and simplify your drive installations with Drive in A Box, which is designed to the highest Engineering standards and uses globally recognised brands to provide a complete turnkey drive solution.

Save Time

Drive In A Box is pre-wired and comes with a basic configuration which means you save time on installation and configuration, reducing your hours in the field.

Minimise Risk

With each Drive In A Box tested before it is shipped, and RPEQ Certification, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of our engineering


With a Range of options provided with Drive In A Box, we can support a wide range of applications, up to 250kW, including the harsh conditions

  • 0.75kW to 250kW Drives - With a wide range of power options, select the system that meets your requirements. Available in both General Purpose & Water Specific Drive configurations.
  • Harsh Environments- Designed to be installed in harsh industrial environments, the Robust Cabinet design includes a Ingress Protection rating of IP55.
  • Compact Size - Our enclosures are designed to meet the specifications of the drive, without taking up unnecessary space. 

Customise Your Drive In A Box 

Select from a range of optional extras to customise your drive based on the requirements of the application.

Options Include:

Surge Protection

Protect your equipment with Pre-fitted Surge Diverter and Circuit Breakers to provide protection from overvoltage and lighting strikes.

Fan Control

Monitor the enclosure's air temperature with a thermostat installed to ensure optimal performance and lifetime for your Drive.

Control Wiring

Keep your Wiring under control with control wiring pre-terminated to terminals to reduce messy wiring and reduce installation time. 

Sun Hat / Rain Shield

Provide extra protection for the IP55 rated cabinet in extreme environments with a Sun Hat & Rain Shield which provides extra protection when installed outside

Operator Control Panel

Operate your Drive without opening the enclosure with Start/Stop Switches, Indication lamps, speed control potentiometer and Variable Speed Drive Control Panel Fitted 

Select the right drive
for your application

General Purpose Drives 

The ACS580 is a good choice for a wide range of applications, and like all of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio shares the same architecture and user interfaces for easy usability. The ACS580 is plug-in ready to control your compressors, conveyors, mixers, pumps, centrifuges, fans and many other variable and constant torque applications in different industries.

Water & Wastewater Drive

The all-compatible ACQ580 drives for water and wastewater simplify your pumping processes and motor control while ensuring energy efficiency. These robust and compact wall-mounted, module and cabinet-built drives have built-in pumping functionalities such as sensorless flow calculation, multipump control, level control, soft pipe fill, dry run protection, quick ramps and pump cleaning


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