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          We are an Australian-operated and ASX-listed electrical
          product distributor with a rich history of over 70 years.
          Throughout our extensive journey, we have gained
          invaluable knowledge and experience, enabling us
          to deliver a diverse range of electrical products and
          innovative end-to-end solutions that benefit our valued
          customers and the industries we proudly serve.

          We at IPD are proud of our innovative, flexible, and
          streamlined business model. This model enables us to
          make efficient and proactive decisions. This approach
          enables us to offer our customers an unrivalled
          logistic experience. Moreover, our end-to-end project
          capabilities and ability to provide custom-engineered
          assemblies showcase our commitment to going above
          and beyond for our clients.

          We have established a national customer and technical
          support team that is always prepared to provide prompt
          assistance. This team of experts is fully equipped with
          the knowledge and resources to address any enquiries
          or concerns, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer

          You can be confident that you are partnering with a
          company that values expertise, reliability, and customer
          satisfaction above all else at IPD, as we work together to
          power, automate, and connect infrastructure for a better

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