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          A PRODUCT?

                                             Do you know                     Do you know
             Do you know                       general                        what your
              the IPD part                    information                     product is           Still can’t
               number?                         about the                       called?              find it?
             E.g. S802BC32                     product?                     E.g. Miniature
                                                                           Circuit Breakers

            Navigate to the      Navigate to the                           Navigate to the      Not every product
             Alphanumeric          Contents on        Navigate to the      Product Index on     made it into this
               Index on          page 8 and find        Contents on       page 10 and find the    catalogue.
            page 838 to find     the main section       page 8 and        product category,      To order or get
             the exact page       that contains        search for the        subcategory        more information
            that contains the      the relevant       product image.        and the page        visit our website,
               product.            subsection.                             that contains the     give us a call or
                                                                              product.         email your request.

                                    Navigate             Navigate
                                   to the main          to the main                              Call IPD, we’re
                                 section and find     section and find                           happy to help
                                   the detailed         the detailed                                 you.
                                 subsection that      subsection that
                                   contains the         contains the                              1300 556 601
                                  product group.       product group.

                                                        Find your

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